Harnessing Behavioral Economic insights to build positive parenting habits and optimize the impact of early childhood interventions;
recognizing that Early interactions are the cornerstones of child success; and
that Language and Literacy activities stimulate children’s brains…from birth.

Parents are busy. Even with the best of intentions, they can miss out on valuable resources and opportunities for their children—including the simplest activities: talking, singing, and reading to their children from birth. Add poverty to the mix, and parents are even more overwhelmed. Money is scarce, and the stress of making ends meet taxes the attention available for other important issues, including parenting.

These missed opportunities contribute to the sizable gap in cognitive development between higher- and lower- income children. beELL aims to close that gap using insights from behavioral economics.

The cornerstone of beELL’s approach is helping parents to focus their attention on the valuable resources available to them. We optimize existing programs by seamlessly incorporating low-cost design innovations that help parents develop new habits and act on their good intentions.

beELL continues to be busy this autumn designing a parenting cognitive bias codex.

beELL welcomes post-doc Lerzan Coskun and Yana Kuchirko!

See updated beELL work on parent engagement with the ParentCorps Program.

Harnessing Behavioral Economic Insights to Optimize the Impact of Early Childhood Interventions webinar now publicly posted here.

In the field this Autumn: collecting audio data to measure parent-infant interactions for our beELL-NYC study. See more information here

Highlights from our #BEyondnudge twitter chat with BSPA now available at Storify.

New beELL Publication: Using Easy, Attractive, Social, and Timely Principles to Engage Parents in Early Childhood Interventions.

Thrilled to announce the launch of beELL-Duet with Temple University collaborators Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and team.

Dr. Gennetian’s remarks from her lightning talk at BSPA’s 2017 conference now posted!