Informed by interviews and focus groups with parents, these behavioral science concepts are guiding our work in supporting parent outreach, engagement, and retention in the ParentCorps Parenting Program:

  • Affirmation to contribute to a more expansive view of self and disarm resistance to situations that may be threatening to one's sense of self or stigma-inducing.

  • Growth Mindset to convey to parents that their parenting capacity and skills are not fixed.

  • Negative Construal as a barrier to reverse unfavorable and incorrect judgment cast on those who benefit from parenting programs through positive framing.

  • Social Influence to maximize the ways that peers, teachers, and schools can affect our valuation and behavior.

  • Active Choice to make the default to participate in the first parenting program session the easier option.

  • Small Incentives through prize drawings to bring benefits to the present and capitalize on the psychological happiness that comes from the prospect of winning.