A randomly selected 11 of the 20 implementing programs will receive a package of behaviorally-informed interventions that will include some combination of:

  • Outreach messages to parents prior to session 1, that will incorporate written and video personal testimonials of parents (see video here) who have previously participated in ParentCorps.
  • A series of ParentCorps branded post cards that reinforce social proof, positive parent affirmation, and the tangible benefits of ParentCorps.
  • Reminders about session dates and times via text.
  • Commitments via text of intention to attend sessions.
  • Reinforcement of program content via text, with visual images of ParentCorps tools and strategies described at most recently held session.
  • A ParentCorps tool as a small gift to each child (see praise magnet) as a financial incentive and as a strategy to bring to the present the rewards of engaging in ParentCorps.
  • Personalization of messages invoking child as well as teacher names.

  • Classrooms within sites and individuals within classrooms will be randomly selected to receive one or more of the behavioral interventions above. Text messages will be sent through an existing New York City Department of Education approved cost-free platform called Remind.